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About your Swim coach and Yoga Teacher, Amelia Paul 


What is Swimoga? 

Swimoga is a way to connect the breath to the body, with stretching and breathing techniques, so that when we take to the water, we feel calm, at ease, and can get the best out of our swim experience. Whether that's your first time swimming outdoors, wanting technique improvement, or even taking on a long swim event, a Swimoga session will leave you feeling reset and prepared for what life throws at you. 

Whilst training to become a yoga instructor in 2017, I also started entering longer swim events. I found that as I was learning to breathe in my classes, and every day life, It also seemed to be the very foundation and root of every good swim I experienced. As time has gone on, and wild swimming has become hugely popular, many people have said to me the biggest barrier coming into the open water environment has been their breathing. Swimmers struggle to 'catch' their breath when they have no problem swimming some lengths in an indoor pool. That's where I realised I could help and Swimoga was born.

I also wanted to give people the chance to explore and reconnect with nature, so you can now combine a mindful walk, yoga and a dip in a holistic hour to reset the body and the soul

I also offer guided swims in and around the Bristol and Bath area, for the more experienced outdoor swimmer who is visiting and would like a guide. These are priced separately, please enquire for details. 


Which Swimoga is for me?

  • Acclimatisation session, for those new to the open water environment

    45 min

    30 British pounds
  • For swimmers wanting to work on particular aspects of their stroke

    1 hr

    35 British pounds
  • A chance to unwind with a walk through nature, yoga and a dip.

    1 hr 30 min

    from £40 per person
  • 6-7pm. Swimfluenced yoga and breathing, suitable for all bodies

    Started Feb 17

    30 British pounds
  • Hatha influenced, tailored to the individual

    1 hr

    Starting at £20

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