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New Year new skills -Time to Volunteer

I have been feeling for a while I want to help out with on a community level with the pandemic, and haven't been able to coach in the water recently, so have a little more time on my hands. This weekend I completed my Vaccination training with St John's Ambulance. We had around 10 hours of online learning, and then a full day's in person training at the centre in North Bristol. I think it sank in quite how quickly we would be invested in our new volunteer roles, when the paramedic who was training us mentioned he had given around 20 injections in the first year of his career, we would probably average that amount in our first hour on at the vaccination centre! I can't wait to get started, I do feel confident, and was able to utilise my yoga skills, in keeping citizens calm and getting them prepared for their all important potentially life saving jabs! My Mother in Law who has been mostly shielding since the first lockdown, had her first jab the other day. I feel hopeful, with many more volunteers signing up, that we can beat this thing!

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